Thursday, 28 June 2012

Theatre Review - Midnight Tango

What do you get if you cross two stars from TV's Strictly Come Dancing, a Buenos Aires bar and a Tango band?

The answer is this - Two intoxicating hours filled with pleasure, pain, jealously and above all passion, and it goes by the name of:

Midnight Tango

On Tuesday night my sisters and I took to our seats at the Liverpool Empire Theatre ready to be transported to Argentina's capital city Buenos Aires, where we'd visit a late night bar filled with some of the best Tango dancers in the world.  

The story centres around Flavia Cacace's character who (in my interpretation) is the new girl in town who catches the boy's eyes with her demure and shy ways.  Cue Vincent Simone's character playing the typical good guy who asks the new girl for a dance.

Not everything is plain sailing for the new dance partners though, as bad guy of the show Leonel Di Cocco also has his eye on Flavia and he wont give up without a fight.  What ensues is a fight for the girl and one of my favourite parts of the show danced by the two men. In the fight scene the men danced a fierce tango together combining simple stage combat with the traditional dance to create an exhilarating scene that ultimately had you rooting for Leonel  Vincent  Leonel Vincent! (Oh but Leonel is so bad he's good!) No you're definitely rooting for Vincent!

It is a simple story about a love triangle, the girl is swayed both ways because of the boy's conflicting personality's, does she chose the good guy or the bad guy? A simple story told through the pulse raising, exciting, passionate dance of the tango.

Flavia's transformation in the show was also one of my favourite parts, she transformed from girl in to woman over the course of the show,  through costume changes, each dress becoming more beautifully stunning and less girly girl than the last, and the dance routines that where getting more passionate and challenging as the show went on.

I'm a massive fan of the weather being used as a character in books, films and theatre, and Midnight Tango certainly didn't disappoint on the weather front. In this show you can feel the humidity of Buenos Aires, the bar is hot and smoke filled and the heat and smoke spread out in to the audience and like a spell it intoxicated us as we got more and more mesmerised by the drama of the Tango. A thunderstorm marked the feud between the two male dancers, and as the crash of the thunder and flashes of lightening subsided the rain was all that could be heard on the warm pavement outside. Cue a steamy, hot, moonlit dance between Flavia and Vincent.

 I don't know much about dancing but from the 'hoppy' playful Tango routines to the slow and sensually close routines I was sold, not a word was spoke throughout the whole play, but you didn't miss it, you didn't long for a conversation between the lovers because you were so captivated and enthralled by the language of dance.

Girls... and boys! Put down 50 Shades of Grey and check out  because it does not get much hotter than this!


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

In this box of snaps - 8

It's been a while, but forgive me if you will because I have been one extremely busy gal!

Since my last post I've been revising for my driving theory test, practising for my driving test, planning a road trip holiday of a lifetime, and working practically seven days a week! 

Oh woe is me!

Here's a few of my favourite snaps that I took while I was away on holiday, I couldn't resist sprucing them up a little with the help of Instagram and Pic Stitch.

The Giant Girl and The Pyramid at Musee du Louvre.
Painting the town Rouge.
 Love on the Pont Des Arts.
La Cathedrale Notre Dame.
Paris when it twinkles.
Stunning view of Chambon Sur Lac.
Breathtaking view of Millau Viaduct.
Mmm blissful times at Biarritz.
Best nights sleep in the world at the Parador in Leon.

Traditional Ladies in Leon.
It's a long way to Santiago.
Precious memories made in Muxia.
Journey home from Santander to Plymouth.
That's all from this box of snaps this time, but expect to find lots more posts here about our wonderful holiday and a post or two about my driving test dilemmas!! 




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