Monday, 31 October 2011


Ever wondered what it would be like to be chased around a farm by a lunatic wielding a chainsaw? No? Don't suppose you'd ever really want to imagine what that would be like would you? Let alone to pay for such an experience! You'd have to be completely mad!

Hello, nice to meet you my name's Laura Cox and I am completely mad!

What the hell (hell being a rather fitting word) am I talking about? I am talking about 'Farmaggedon' - One night, one farm just outside of Liverpool, three 'scares', and a whole load of freaky fun!

The three scares on the farm consist of:


Terror on the farm



The clue's in the title - You will be absolutely terrified, you will feel like you are going insane, and you will most definitely become a little psychotic! 

Prepare to face/run from your fears at Farmaggedon, get lost in the evil mind bending mazes, and have your senses pushed to the max as you experience moments of blindness and ear piercing screams!!!

Roll on the floor laughing when the terror is all over as you imagine what your face must have looked like when THAT clown jumped out on you!

Farmaggedon is all over for this year (so you can sleep safe(ish) tonight) but it'll be back next year, no doubt scarier than ever!

So check out their website and if you're in the area book tickets!!! Because it's amazing!!!

P.S Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Little Miss Frenchy


Last week I had the pleasure of indulging in all things French.... And indulged I most certainly did.

I went for a delicious mid week 'Lunch Rapide' with a good friend of mine at Bistro Pierre in Liverpool. Three courses for £8.75... It's just too tempting isn't it?

The bistro is located in the heart of Liverpool and with its warm and welcoming atmosphere, walls lined with French art and candles melting away in French wine bottles, it's a little piece of French paradise that you just have to sample.

Whilst perusing the menu I sipped on a glass of lightly chilled French Rose wine and nibbled on warm French bread smothered in Lescure French butter... Mmm.

For Entree I had the Soupe du Jour 'Homemade roast red pepper & sweet chilli soup served with a garlic croutons'.

For Main I had 'Linguine Pasta Tossed with chicken, sunblushed tomatoes & spinach in a hazelnut & pesto sauce, served with a toasted garlic croĆ»te & parmesan shavings'.

And finally for Dessert I had 'Creme Brulee'.

One word - Delicious! Or should I say 'Delicieux!'

After my afternoon of French indulgence I met my Sisters for an evening a Parisian magic...

We went to the the independent Picturehouse at FACT in Liverpool city centre to see Woody Allen's latest film 'Midnight in Paris'.

'This is a romantic comedy set in Paris about a family that goes there because of business, and two young people who are engaged to be married in the fall have experiences there that change their lives. It's about a young man's great love for a city, Paris, and the illusion people have that a life different from theirs would be much better. It stars Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Kathy Bates, and Carla Bruni among others.'

The young man 'Gill' is a writer who wants to live in Paris, but not just any old Paris, Paris in the 1920's, Paris in the 1920's in the rain. The film is magical, funny and smart, it takes you on a wonderful journey of self discovery, hope and love. Who wouldn't want to spend the evening with artistic greats like Hemingway, Picasso, Dali and F.Scott Fitzgerald?

Intrigued? Go and see it if you can, it is... uh how can I say? C'est Magnifique!

Au Revoir


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bundle of sadness...

If you go down to the woods bottom of the garden today you'll get a big little surprise...

Whilst my Mum was doing some gardening the other day she heard the sound of a cat in distress. We have two cats of our own, so my Mum, fearing the worst, went to investigate.

What she found at the bottom of the garden wasn't one of our cats but a tiny kitten. Clearly the kitten had been abandoned, and it sat huddled under a bush crying it's little kitten eyes out... :(

We brought the kitten inside and wrapped it up in a tea towel. The kitten was cold and wet and quite unresponsive and immobile, all it seemed able to do was whimper quietly.

After cradling the kitten for a while and making sure it was settled we placed it into a little box whilst we rang the RSPCA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). After a short while a member of the RSPCA came to collect the kitten, they take animals in, look after them and then try to get them re-homed. 

I hope the little kitten is OK and finds a loving home to have a happy life in.


Monday, 10 October 2011


What do you get when you mix a wonderful group of actors, a marvellous piece of theatre, an atmospheric venue and a little bit of Welsh... You get an audience member with an extreme case of the tingles that's what!

And that audience member with the tingles just so happened to be me (And everybody else in the venue no doubt!) because I had the absolute pleasure of writing the piece. Hearing people singing my poetry and speaking my words was truly wonderful and made the hairs on my neck stand up on end. The whole experience, from the writing process to seeing the performance live, has made me really want to push myself with my writing and get more of it out there. 

The play ran for two nights in September in The Old Christ Church in Waterloo Liverpool. It was the MA performance of two good friends aka artistic geniuses aka Emily Collins and Philip McAllister from Uni. They'd approached me earlier in the year about helping them with some writing and I just couldn't say no. 


Now to let you all know what I'm even on about, here's an extract from the program and a few pics of the performance:

'Wildwood is a choral work of movement and song exploring ancient British traditions. MNeSTIS theatre fuses an investigation of voice work with eastern styles of physical actor training. Drawing on the ancient mystery of the female voice, the work examines the notion of transformation through song. Through a re-imagining of the Welsh myth Blodeuwedd from the third branch of The Mabinogion, the performance is inspired by Blodeuwedd's journey and loss of identity through this tale, created through magic from the flowers of the oak, broom and meadowsweet for her husband Llew, Blodeuwedd finds life in the love of another man. As her betrayal torments her, she and Gronw plot to kill Llew as a sacrifice for their lives together. However their plans are destroyed and as a consequence she is bitterly punished to a life of desolation. Through his frustration Llew transforms Blodeuwedd into an owl, the solitary bird of the night, to never show her face in the light of day. Through fragmentations of the tale, the memory of Blodeuwedd is explored, weaving images of the voice, body and soul of the sacred to reconnect with our cultural identity. Inspired by ancient pagan traditions, join us in invoking the mysteries of the past as we investigate the act of transformation from a woman of flowers to the life of an owl.'

'With special thanks to Laura Cox for offering us her beautiful writing skills.' 
- My mention in the program! :) 

Finally I'd like to say a massive congratulations to Em and Phil!!! I hope you get the mark you deserve for your wonderful piece of work!!!

Love Laura