Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Presents of the Cath Kidston kind? Thank you very much!

Unexpected presents are always lovely, so when The Boys super lovely 'Mammy' gave me this beautiful Cath Kidston Prairie Rose beach towel I was obviously over the moon.

Made from beautifully soft cotton and rocking an absolutely gorgeous flowery print, this beach towel is most definitely a hit with me!

Now I just need The Boy to take me some place sunny so that I can laze away the hours lying on this beauty with my nose stuck in a good book, of course.


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Camping... Again? Are you serious?

For the third time this year I set up home in a tent. What can I say? I just can't get enough of camping!

This time around we were back where we'd started our camping adventures in the Beautiful (slightly wet) Wales, camping at the foot of Mount Snowdon.

It wasn't just me and The Boy getting all romantic in the wilderness this time, oh no this time it was all about reunions...

This camping trip had been almost a year in the making, a mad cap idea thrown out there on a drunken night at Uni. Perhaps thought up on an evening such as this...

So there we were, seven chums from University, six pot noodles, five tents, four BBQ's, three nights, two crabs, and one hell of a time. Oh and not forgetting lots and lots of alcohol!

Oh and a £140 noise bond! Do we really look like we'd cause any trouble?

Over the next four days we had such a great time... It was like Uni all over again... But without the work deadlines!

Enjoying games of badminton

Collecting wood for the fire

Playing some crazy golf

Catching crabs

Getting tattoos

Visiting castles

Having sword fights

Suffering from severe gazebo envy!!! Ours broke... and theirs... well theirs had walls and a bloody door!!!

On the last day we packed up our tents, said our goodbyes and vowed to have amazing camping trips like this every year.

I'm thinking the boys need to learn how to make a proper camp-fire though. I was the only one who could get it going properly... I did use candle wax and Jagermeister though


Thursday, 4 August 2011

The boobs are back in town!

I've been away for a little while, due to working my ass off and busying myself with dressing up as a boy!

The working part is all rather boring, so I'll tell you all about my time as a boy.

For the past two weeks I've been donning a flat cap and some rather fetching pants and having a wee feel of  my crotch... Typical boy things to do? No?

I've also been bandaging myself in order to reduce my 'Chebs'... They were totally giving the game away.

Want to see some pics?...

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you,

Liverpool Network Theatres production of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night:

Enter Viola - Poor little shipwrecked girl who believes her brother Sebastian is dead...

But he's not! Hoorah! He's just off galavanting with Antonio, a seacaptain who rescued him, he believes his sister Viola is dead, but she's not! And now he's on his way to Orsino's court where Viola is working!

Boobs banadaged and going by the name Cesario, Viola serves Orsino. But she has fallen in love with him!!!

But he's in love with Olivia!

But Olivia's in love with Cesario/Viola!

Meanwhile this group of people - Fabian, Andrew, Toby and Mariah, who live, work and play at Olivia's house are setting up a cruel trap for this fellow:

Poor Malvolio believes that Olivia is in love with him...

But she's not, and now she's met up with Sebastion whom she thinks is Cesario and they run off to get married!!!

Twins Viola and Sebastian are finally reunited just as Orsino was about to kill Cesario believing that he had married his love Olivia.

Then Orsino decides to 'Have share in this most happy wreck' and quickly changes his mind on who he loves. Yay! For Viola!

Then a Westie tried to steal the show! Cue actors on stage biting the inside of cheeks in an attempt not to laugh!

Most wonderful Feste the Jester sang us out!

'But that's all one, our play is done, and we'll strive to please you everyday!!!'

Orsino got his wish to see Viola in her woman's weeds...

A brief slightly patchy version of events... Hopefully it gives you an idea of our production of Twelfth Night.

I'll end with a quote from myself, after one too many vodkas at the aftershow party I got a little sentimental on facebook:

'Fighting back the tears in the taxi... Genuinely gutted it's over :'( Lots of love to all the beautiful Twelfth Nighters xxx'