Thursday, 25 August 2011

Camping... Again? Are you serious?

For the third time this year I set up home in a tent. What can I say? I just can't get enough of camping!

This time around we were back where we'd started our camping adventures in the Beautiful (slightly wet) Wales, camping at the foot of Mount Snowdon.

It wasn't just me and The Boy getting all romantic in the wilderness this time, oh no this time it was all about reunions...

This camping trip had been almost a year in the making, a mad cap idea thrown out there on a drunken night at Uni. Perhaps thought up on an evening such as this...

So there we were, seven chums from University, six pot noodles, five tents, four BBQ's, three nights, two crabs, and one hell of a time. Oh and not forgetting lots and lots of alcohol!

Oh and a £140 noise bond! Do we really look like we'd cause any trouble?

Over the next four days we had such a great time... It was like Uni all over again... But without the work deadlines!

Enjoying games of badminton

Collecting wood for the fire

Playing some crazy golf

Catching crabs

Getting tattoos

Visiting castles

Having sword fights

Suffering from severe gazebo envy!!! Ours broke... and theirs... well theirs had walls and a bloody door!!!

On the last day we packed up our tents, said our goodbyes and vowed to have amazing camping trips like this every year.

I'm thinking the boys need to learn how to make a proper camp-fire though. I was the only one who could get it going properly... I did use candle wax and Jagermeister though



  1. Excellent! Lets go next weekend! My brother just asked why I was sitting here laughing to myself but all those memories will always bring a smile to my face! Even the burnt socks!

  2. How could I forget the burnt socks!!!! Ha ha! Good good times!!! :) x