Monday, 31 October 2011


Ever wondered what it would be like to be chased around a farm by a lunatic wielding a chainsaw? No? Don't suppose you'd ever really want to imagine what that would be like would you? Let alone to pay for such an experience! You'd have to be completely mad!

Hello, nice to meet you my name's Laura Cox and I am completely mad!

What the hell (hell being a rather fitting word) am I talking about? I am talking about 'Farmaggedon' - One night, one farm just outside of Liverpool, three 'scares', and a whole load of freaky fun!

The three scares on the farm consist of:


Terror on the farm



The clue's in the title - You will be absolutely terrified, you will feel like you are going insane, and you will most definitely become a little psychotic! 

Prepare to face/run from your fears at Farmaggedon, get lost in the evil mind bending mazes, and have your senses pushed to the max as you experience moments of blindness and ear piercing screams!!!

Roll on the floor laughing when the terror is all over as you imagine what your face must have looked like when THAT clown jumped out on you!

Farmaggedon is all over for this year (so you can sleep safe(ish) tonight) but it'll be back next year, no doubt scarier than ever!

So check out their website and if you're in the area book tickets!!! Because it's amazing!!!

P.S Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!


  1. Um, that sounds "interesting"! Sounds great, actually. Don't think my wife would go for it, though. At Madam Tussauds, there's a dungeon bit featuring various punishments and executions from history, and people you thought were waxworks jump at you. She just hid behind me with her eyes shut, poor lamb. It sounds pretty tame compared to this!

  2. I went to the Amsterdam dungeons and that was really scary too, but yeah a lot tamer than Farmaggedon!

    I'm a total wimp!I pretend to be brave but actually I just spend the whole time with my eyes closed hoping I don't fall over!!!