Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Ok... so i realised that my last post, which happened to be my first post didn't exactly let anyone reading this know what i'm actually writing a blog for... (breath)

Basically this blog is to chart my progress as a writer... in terms of the fact that I have finally got the courage to send work off and will be using this blog to A. write about being published or B. write about being rejected... I understand that a lot of the time I will probably be ranting at the fact that I haven't been published... but you never know... I like to remain optomistic :)

So far so good.... Nothing rejected... Nothing accepted

Until next time

Laura Louise Cox

Ps... I will also be using this blog to let you guys know of any plays I will be performing in. A post entitled 'The Penelopiad' will follow shortly when I know of dates and location ect...

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