Monday, 7 February 2011


brood·y Adjective /ˈbro͞odē/
  • broodier comparative; broodiest superlative
  • (of a hen) Wishing or inclined to incubate eggs
  • (of a woman) Having a strong desire to have a baby
  • Thoughtful and unhappy
    • his broody concern for the future

I have been feeling a little broody lately. If you are looking at the list above I am referring to broody number two. I spent the weekend in the company of a two and a three year old. Now normally when faced with spending any amount of time with children I break out in a cold sweat. It's not that I don't like children I'm just not very good with them.

With my baby sitting head on I played the part. Adopt crouched over position suitable for picking up the tiny people when they fall over, use the friendliest non patronising baby voice I can find, and I was good to go.

First off I was forced on to a trampoline with the three year old, fun fun fun. But actually surprisingly it was quite fun. Who wouldn't want to spend an afternoon on a trampoline? I felt like a little kid again, except that my hand that was holding his was considerably larger.

I pushed a buggy for the first time too. The little one was fast asleep, probably best seeing as the ride was quite bumpy. I was surprised by the weight of the buggy and didn't realise how difficult the steering would be. I ended up going round in circles and getting the wheels stuck in the mud.

Back in the house, buggy away and trampoline out of sight, we played with little toy cars. Chasing the little ones around the room with a police car was really good fun. I wasn't too fond of them driving the cars up and down my face, but that was nothing a little tickling couldn't stop.

Speaking of tickling, I read the 'Mr Men' book 'Mr Tickle' to the boys. They really enjoyed it and I had their full attention for the whole story. They liked the parts where I tickled them and giggled lots.

There where lots of cuddles over the weekend. The one yr old liked to sit on my knee and drink chocolate milk. I love the feeling of cuddling babies, god I never thought I'd say that, but it just feels really warm and well, cuddly.

This was the point that I was feeling broody. The little one rocking gently on my knee, drinking chocolate milk. The toddler playing cars on the floor, all angelic and sweet looking. That was when I thought to myself, yes I would really like to have a baby. I would like nothing more than to go forth and pro create!

Then the little one pulled a rather strange face, a look of pain and then sudden relief. I felt a warm heat on my knees, and then I smelt it. I may have pushed a buggy for the first time, but today was definitely not the day to learn how to change a nappy.

Then the toddler pulled the biggest bogey that I have ever seen out of his nose! Eek!!!

Too much! Too much! Too much!

And pass the children back, go home to my lovely child free zone, straighten back out, put on normal voice and relax.

Feeling broody?






  1. My name is Ted. I read fast, and I believe that you and Noel should have several children and raise them as a family of crime.

    That is all.

  2. Hilarious! Just read this out to Paul, had to put my cup down cos I was shaking with laughter tears in my eyes. Love x

  3. Brilliant - I'm so glad my three are well past the baby phase. No more bogeys, warm feelings on the leg or pram pushing. Now I've moved on to taxi service, money lender (which I never get back!!) and agony aunt - oh not to forget cleaner, waitress and cook. Broody???? I could put you off for life. Only joking, I love them all to bits xx

  4. I have that broody feeling for all of 5 minutes when I realise I can't even leave them to make a cup of tea haha!Plus I work with children so it makes me realise that kids is the last thing I could deal with full time at the moment!