Thursday, 17 February 2011

Oh how I love Cath Kidston!

I love love love love Cath Kidston!!!!

I’d like to say that I liked, sorry loved her, before she got Mega popular again, but I can’t say that that’s true. I’d like to think I liked her before she got Mega Mega popular again J

The love affair all started with a phone I bought in December 2006. A nokia 6111 Cath Kidston Limited Edition ‘Bird’ Design. When I traded this little baby for a new model I got more than what I paid for it!

 My next meeting with Cath was to be a delightfully dainty china tea cup, limited edition nonetheless. A very well received Christmas present from one of my Sisters.

Now I am a real coffee lover, a cup of tea in the afternoon is nice, but first thing in the morning I need a big mug of coffee. So obviously I needed a date with Miss Kidston to get me a mug:

Birthday time! I was so happy to receive my Cath Kidston toiletry bag from my other Sister. It's plastic coated so it can be wiped down, which means as long as I look after it, it's mine for life :) Unless I see a nicer one ;) It's the same pattern that my phone was, the 'Bird' design.

On a routine trip to the opticians I was informed that I needed glasses for reading and the television. What better way to celebrate than to buy one of her beautiful spectacles cases.

Birthday time! Again! I have THE bestest friends:

 A beautiful note book to jot down all my random thoughts.

And super cute pumps, ideal for summer sunshine. Mine are the ones on the left.

Well this is the evidence of my affair to date. I hope there will be many more meetings with Miss Kidston, I am totally besotted.





  1. Loving the toiletry bag and glasses case!

  2. Laura, yout blog post is just great, so full of interesting items to keep us on our toes, Cheers , mal..

  3. hey Laura, thanks for the friend request on 20sb!

    I said I'd check out your blog pronto, and I'm so glad I did, its luffly!

    I used to have that Cath Kidston phone too, although mine was the pink and white stars one. Complete love! Even when I bought a new phone I couldn't bear to be parted with it.

    I'm off to read some more now!


  4. Hi! We have the same middle name! I don't think I've ever met anyone else my age that I share the name Louise with.

    Anyway... love your blog. You're goin' in my Reader! :)

  5. you had me at Cath Kidston, i LOVE her!!! definitely gained a new follower : )

    check out my (shitshow) life @

  6. im not from the UK and ill love it if u will bring Cath Kidston to my country!

  7. I've been at it again....

    Anon - Maybe you could order her stuff online? Where ever you are? xxx