Thursday, 7 July 2011

Great things come from little rooms...

I've always shared a room...

When I was born I shared a room with twenty screaming babies,
shortly after I shared a room with my Parents,
when I was big enough I shared a room with my two Sisters.

We shared a room for many many years... You really don't want me to go into that!

After a brief stint of having a room to myself at University I finally got my OWN room.

My parents moved house just over a year ago and with it came a room I could call my own, a room that's mine to come back to whenever I want it, a room I could decorate how I wanted it, basically the best thing about it was that I didn't have to share!

There's only one thing though... It's tiny!!! 

The phrase 'You couldn't swing a cat in there' certainly comes to mind. I do have a cat... maybe I should??? No?

So anyway to get to the point of this post, because there is one believe it or not... On the weekend I visited two very special houses:



20 Forthlin Road

Ring any bells?

Here's a clue:

I visited the childhood homes of Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

Now I never thought I would write a post about The Beatles... I'm not exactly a huge fan... I know, I'm a Scouser and I'm not a die hard fan of The Beatles! Shock Horror!!! But the thing is I grew up listening to what my Mum and Dad liked. My Dad was into his Dire Straits and Status Quo and my Mum boogied on down to Barry White and Tina Turner!

The Beatles didn't get a look in at the Cox household!

You may be thinking 'What's the connection with my room and The Beatles then?'

Well I have one thing in common with Paul and John, and that's the size of our bedrooms. John's bedroom in particular was practically exactly the same size and layout as mine, in fact his whole house was practically the same as my Parents house.

To think that in those small little rooms that's where they played their guitars and created some of their earliest songs. It's amazing! I was totally in awe going around their houses and loved every moment of it. I even belted out a Beatles number in John Lennon's porch on the way out. 

So the point I'm trying to make is that 'Great things come from little rooms'... So there is hope for me yet!

I can't play the guitar though :s But I do have a violin under my bed... I can't play that either!


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  1. I think that is so cool that you went to see the size of their rooms!!! You're absolutely correct though, size doesn't matter!!! Like Harry Potter for instance!! He had a room underneath the stairs, so you know maybe small rooms mean being famous some day????

    Enjoy your room!!