Thursday, 1 July 2010

Feeling a little rejected...

As said in earlier posts I am using this blog to document my successes and failures in trying to break into the acting and writing scene.

A little while back I sent out a few of my poems to different poetry magazines. I have recently received a reply from 'Magma' poetry magazine and my poems were rejected. Although at first I felt a little deflated about the rejection I quickly realised that this was the first magazine I had sent any work out to and I would be extremely lucky to be published so soon, especially with the sheer volume of submissions these magazines receive. Also the rejection was very helpful because they included some very good feedback for me and told me different things I need to focus on.

Also a few weeks ago I auditioned for a theatre in education touring company 'Tiny Giants', although I was unsuccessful in this audition the company have requested that they keep my information and add me to their database so that I can be informed of any work which may be suitable for me.

With these two rejections I have to admit that yes I was feeling a little rejected but I have to look at the bigger picture and remain optimistic. I am looking forward to finding out whether or not any of the other poetry magazines liked my poetry and I'm also avidly looking for more auditions.

My two rejection emails have been printed and will look lovely pinned to my rejection board at home.

Ciao for now,

Love Miss Cox

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