Thursday, 2 September 2010

Blogging and Hiding behind doors...

Hello Everyone!

Sorry... I have to apologize again for the sheer lack of posts...

But lots of exciting things to write about :)

To explain the title of the post starting with the latter part of the title 'Hiding behind doors'.

I spent the last month working for a ghost tour company in Liverpool called 'Shiverpool'. I really enjoyed my time there and felt very happy to be getting paid for being an actor.

There I introduced the ghost tour and then hid in various places around St Georges Hall... (If you don't know it look it up) and waited for the visitors to come and I would jump out and scare them.

I really enjoyed this role that I played and had a good laugh scaring people. Although half the time I was more scared than the visitors... St Georges Hall is very haunted and running around in the pitch black with a dodgy torch was not very fun!

My circumstances have changed now and I have had to leave 'Shiverpool' because I have moved from Liverpool to Leeds!!!

So these are very exciting times as I find my feet here and get to grips with living with a boy! :)

So I am desperately seeking employment here and hopefully fingers crossed it won't be too long before I get a job.

I do have a rather strange trend with my job history. I only ever get jobs in September... every job I have ever had has come in September, so I am waiting anxiously for an email or phone call with some good news.

I have a lot of spare time on my hands at the moment due to the fact that I have no job so I am turning my hand to domesticity... I believe I am becoming a Domestic Goddess!! I am getting rather good at the cleaning game and I believe I am becoming a rather good cook if I do say do myself. I make a mean roast dinner according to the boy ;)

Another way I am passing the time is by writing, I have a few exciting ideas in the pipe line and am enjoying just writing away and seeing what happens. The work is purely for pleasure at the moment and definitely needs a lot more work.

I am also writing another blog for I'm writing about my driving experiences and people can read about my journey to become a driver. So I hope you will all follow that blog too.

Another exciting opportunity on the cards is that I am in talks with a youth theatre about doing some volunteering work. I am really excited about this because I was part of a youth theatre when I was younger and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I think the opportunity to give something back to youth theatre would be fantastic. I will keep you posted on these developments.

I hope this blog post has been entertaining and informative for you all.

Promise to make an effort to blog more.

Thank you for reading.




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