Monday, 14 February 2011

Hot Jelly Flights!

I live away from home, so when I get a chance to go home and meet up with my family and friends I am a very happy person. This weekend I had the joy of meeting up with my Mummy and Daddy :D
                  The story starts on Friday night, me and The Boy were up alllll night. Up all night baking caramel squares. Now the box said 30-35 minutes, easy peasy lemon squeazy! Not quite so simple, it seems. After reading the small print we discovered it would take about three hours.
                  Baking done and we were tucked up in bed by three am. Not too shabby for two twenty something’s on a Friday night.
                  You may be wondering why the hell we were baking caramel squares at such an hour. You may not be wondering this, but I am going to tell you why anyway. See the thing is, whenever my Parents visit my Sister she always bakes things. Cookies, cakes, biscuits, you name it she’s baked it. So now that I have my own abode I felt it only right to bake something for my Parents as well. I was out to impress.
                 Bright and early on Saturday morning we were on the road to Manchester. My Dad had suggested that we go the Museum of Science and Industry, a place full of trains and planes, The Boy couldn’t be happier.
                 On arrival my Dad quickly took The Boy under his wing, and proceeded to talk engines and propellers, whilst my Mum and I lagged behind, eager to have a good natter.
                 There are three moments of this day that I just have to tell you all about:

1.       Daddy flying high.
2.       Caramel jelly squares.
3.       Hot/cold Cheesecake.

               No 1. My Dad had never been on a plane, until Saturday that was.  At the ripe old age of 62 my Daddy was going to fly! In a simulator! And not wanting to limit his experience to that of a commercial flight, we made him get in a Euro fighter typhoon simulator.

                       We didn’t make him go it alone; we all clambered into the contraption too. Now I’d never been on one of these things so I didn’t really know what to expect. The flight only lasted about five minutes, but it was certainly enough to leave an impression. The take off felt so real, apart from my ears remaining un-popped, it felt like I was actually in a plane. The simulator bumped us along, and there was a screen in front that showed where we were going on our flight. All was well and we were giggling away until the plane went upside down! At the same time we all grabbed for the hand rail in front of us, as the screen showed us turning round and round. The flight got quite bumpy and as the plane changed direction we were thrown from side to side. Climbing high and then plummeting to the ground we were all squished together and were laughing very loudly. I took a moment to look around at my Mum and Dad, my Mum was laughing away squished up against The Boy, my Dad was laughing so loud, probably the loudest I’ve ever heard him laugh, but there was definitely a little fear in his eyes. Our white knuckle ride came to an end, and when we got out of the simulator I turned to my Dad and said ‘You can tell people you’ve been in a plane now Dad’. He looked at me with a big smile on his face.

              No 2. Our caramel squares didn’t turn out as planned. The caramel turned in to some kind of a Jelly. I don’t think it’s meant to be like a jelly. The caramel squares where still edible, but I’m definitely not winning on the cookery front. 1 – 0 to my Sister I think.

              No 3. Mmm this is a strange one. We went for something to eat after we’d seen all there was to see at the museum. For desert I ordered a Cheesecake. I love cheesecake, but I have to say I was extremely disappointed. The first bite burnt the roof of my mouth! The second bite was frozen! The third bite was cold! The fourth bite was warm mush! Need I go on? Clearly the cheesecake was frozen, so they micro waved it! Eugh!
                  A disappointing end to a wonderful day! But I’ll remember that flight forever, It was brilliant!

          I hope you've enjoyed reading about my weekend, why not tell me about yours? 




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  1. Lol! I will teach you to make caramel squares from scratch, easy peasy! X