Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Lovey Dovey

With Valentines Day being less than a week away my thoughts have turned all ‘Lovey Dovey’. I class myself as a true romantic and hearing the word love turns my legs to jelly. I love nothing more than to hear all about my friends adventures in the land of love, and love creating some of my own. 

It may not be Friday but I am head over heels in love.
            All this talk of love got me thinking about ‘Labels’, and no I’m not talking about Prada or Gucci (although that gives me a great Valentines present idea for myself.) I’m talking about the labels we put on one another when we’re in relationships. Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Partner, Bit of stuff, The other half...
            When I was younger there where certain rules when it came to matters of love. If you were kissing somebody then that was called ‘Meeting’. If you were happy enough to hold hands under the school desks and do some more kissing, then that was classed as ‘Seeing’ someone. Basically ‘Seeing’ someone is the same as being Boyfriend and Girlfriend, but at that age that wasn’t a ‘cool’ thing to admit.
             So then you label yourselves as ‘Boyfriend and Girlfriend’ when everything gets ‘serious’, and that’s lovely. It’s simple, easy, Bf, Gf, a couple.

            And then out comes another label when you’re in a more professional situation, and you’re asked about the person you’re in a relationship with. I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes in said situations I feel a little childish saying ‘Boyfriend’, and so out slips the label ‘Partner’. Then everybody looks at you a little bit funny because you’ve said partner and not boyfriend.
           Great, so now they think I’m a lesbian and they’re all too ‘PC’ to ask if I am or not.

           Perhaps I’ll go back to my childhood roots and just say ‘Oh this guy I’m ‘Seeing’ he’s wonderful!’ 


  1. Such a cute blog :) Now, the label topic is an endless one, everyhting and everyone is labelled one way or another... Why this need to put people in boxes? maybe because it makes people feel more secure, more like they belong somewhere? xx

  2. Thank you :)

    I don't really mind the labels, sometimes it can all get a bit confusing.

    I totally agree with you on feeling more secure and belonging. I guess when you put a label on love or on whatever it feels more real.


  3. hahaha! I had a wee giggle at this post, really enjoyed it. i'm forever stumped when it comes to talking about my other half. I tend to just go with his name!

    Lovely blog, new follower :)


  4. Welcome to 20sb! I admit, I do call my husband my husband, but I think that's an appropriate label =) Have a great Valentine's Day!


  5. Yes using the persons name is good, and Husband is a very appropriate label. I like to call my other half The Boy, he doesn't seem to mind :)