Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What an Eggcellent Easter!!!!

Excuse the pun in the title but it is Easter after all, well it was Easter. Apologies for not being around since Thursday :s My long Easter weekend was very jam packed and may seem a little random to some, so of course I'm going to tell you all about it.

Good Friday saw me and The Boy eating posh pizza instead of fish and enjoying a night at the theatre. We saw Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Tell me on a Sunday'. A one woman musical masterpiece, it was a very enjoyable evening. I couldn't help mouthing along to the songs and wishing it was me on the stage.

Easter Saturday saw me making my way to Old Trafford to watch the Everton V Man Utd football match. Now, I am a Scouser so can you guess which team I was cheering on?

I'm guessing that you've guessed wrong.

I was in fact cheering on The Red Devils.

Am I mad? Possibly so... I donned a Man-U top and tried to disguise my Scouse accent for the whole day.

I loved it though! The atmosphere at the ground was electric. I was so nervous watching the game, I found myself practically praying for a goal and my nails have never seen so much action with all the biting.

After all the excitement of the game there was some much needed drinking to be done. One Scouser and six Irish people... Loads of alcohol to be had!

Easter Sunday!!!!! Easter eggs galore!!! Yes I'm a big kid :)

Then on to a BBQ with lots of good food, good drink and good laughs with great people.

Easter Monday was a nice chilled out day, a little bit of car washing and a romantic trip to feed the swans. I say romantic but in truth the swans were scared away by all the bloody seagulls! We had to run back to the car after we ran out of bread :s Seagulls are angry birds!!!

So now hopefully you will understand why I've been missing for a few days. Now back to the 30day blogger challenge.

Love Laura


P.s. I hope you all had a great Easter!!!!

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