Thursday, 12 May 2011

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why


I'm back from a little break and once again I'm behind on this 30 day challenge,which I think is actually going to take me about 60 days to complete.

So here we are at day 17 (or day 25 if you prefer :p) Who would I want to change lives with???

Right now? No one at all.

I turned 22 on Tuesday (Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me....) and as much as I'm terrified of getting older and I'm worried about what's going to become of my life, at least I have a life :) I'm happy, I'm healthy, I don't have a job yet but it's only a matter of time (I can feel it). I'm acting again, I'm playing a woman who dresses up as a man, but I'm going to have the biggest willy so it's ok!

I received two rejection emails on my birthday. One from a job and one from a poetry magazine. Normally this would have probably ruined my day, but what's the point? You just have to try try and try again.

It's not all bad news anyway, I decided to enter the new Euro Millions Lottery draw on Tuesday. I thought 'A new draw that just so happens to be on my birthday? Surely I'm on to a winner?' And I was! I won a grand total of £6.90! Hey! Every little helps.

So there you go, I wouldn't want to change lives with anyone, but I suppose if I really had to pick someone...

Come on she's a Princess for gods sake, that definitely beats my £6.90!


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