Friday, 9 September 2011

White (and green) wedding

Up until quite recently I had only ever been to two weddings. First was my teachers wedding where I sang as part of the choir - cue a slightly squeaky out of tune version of 'All Things Bright And Beautiful' and a rather embarassing moment when the teachers dress blew up in the wind! Second was my Sister's Boyfriend's Sister's wedding, I only attended the evening do, but somehow managed to be caught on the wedding tape snogging the best man! Cringe-o-rama!

On Saturday I attended my first 'proper' wedding. It was the wedding of my gorgeous cousin Hollie to her fiancĂ© Phil.

How beautiful are they? And what a gorgeous colour scheme! The white and the green are lovely together.

The day was perfect, apart from a bit of pesky rain! The wedding ceremony itself was beautiful, the couple had chosen to have a slideshow entitled 'Where it all began', which was a selection of pictures of Hollie and Phil from birth to who they are now. This played whilst the couple signed the marriage register, a great way to keep the guests entertained!

The rest of the day was just as perfect, a truly scrumptious wedding breakfast, lovely heartfelt speeches, a beautiful first dance, and some impressive/dodgy dancing on the dance floor.

My parents provided the dodgy disco dancing - cue me and my Sisters holding our heads in shame!!! Ha! Only joking! It was actually pretty impressive watching them throw some shapes, I could definitely see where I get my amazing moves from!!!

Well there's only one more thing to say:

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sinclair!