Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Writing Bug

Hey everyone,

I'm extremely pleased to say that I have a bad case of the writing bug!

No more staring at the screen/twiddling the pen in my hand.

I'm working on a short story at the moment, and I'm so happy to say that for the first time in a long time I'm actually really really excited about writing, which is great although I'm not sure my body clock would agree with me.

I seem to get all my inspiration at three o'clock in the morning! When my body would much rather be asleep my mind is busy racing around trying to figure out how 'That Kiss' can happen.

Well here's to coffee is all I can say!

Wish me luck with the story :)

Feel free to drop me a line about anything you're working on at the moment. When do you get those bursts of writing energy?



  1. hey Laura! this blog page looks gooooood!! I'm trying to write as many screenplays as I can at the moment. I finished my first one last week and starting on the second this week. Oh did i mention that writing 100 pages of screen time is like SHIT HARD?! So much planning!!

    Looking to go L.A next September and see what can be done!

    wish you all the best in your story!


  2. Hey! I'm glad you like the blog :)

    I can imagine that it'd be 'Shit hard!' to write 100 pages, but that's amazing! And judging by what you produced at Uni I'm guessing it's all kinds of awesome!

    L.A??? Wow! Hey when you make it to the top don't be forgetting the little guys... especially me, who'll probably still be working on this short story! :p

    Good luck with your second screenplay... I'm not jealous at all! Lol!


  3. how could i ever forget you guys?! lol

    And what's your short story about? xx

  4. p.s if you ever get a spur within you to write....TAKE IT AND RUN with it! Some days I can write like 20 pages of script in a two hour sitting. Some days I can't even get past a single line of dialogue.

    It's not writers block...just laziness haha. We must fight it!


  5. Don't always feel inspired (especially now, I have a stinking cold), but once I get in the zone then it's usually fine! Good luck with your story.

  6. Hey Laura

    I too find myself inspired and writing page after page at night.... I don't know why that is.... the mystery and intrigue associated with the darkness? Anyway, best to jot as many notes down as you can, so that when you do TRY go to sleep, you know all your ideas are down on paper.
    That works with all things, not just writing, (as a modest OCD person I know for a fact!)
    And during the day, coffee is the bomb. It is the be all and end all of all things great that spring from the mind. Coffee is my best friend:) I'm sure it will be yours too!
    Good luck:)

  7. Yes Emmanuel we must fight the laziness!!! Ha ha! x P.S The story's about love - Boy meets girl that type of thing.

    Thank you Nick x

    Hi Miss S. Yes me and coffee have had quite a love affair for some time now ;)

    I like the mystery and intrigue of the darkness - That's definitely my excuse for being up all night now :) x