Thursday, 24 November 2011

Let's get live!

Live music is an absolute must!

Bored of that same old same old night out you've been having since forever?

Well why not mix it up a bit and throw in some live action, if you love to shake it to the latest sounds then why not have the real thing right in front of you?

Or you could just have some middle aged sweaty pie eating DJ play it for you???
*Other DJs are available*

Over the past couple of months I've had the absolute pleasure of seeing alternative pop band Bastille and the amazingly talented Mr Marcus Foster play live.

I'm surprised I have a heart left, oh did I melt for these guys? (Apologies on a postcard to The Boy)

Both were amazing but totally different, Bastille had us moving our bodies to their killer beats and vocals, my favourite being 'Laura Palmer' (And not just because it's my name...promise), whereas Marcus had us mesmerized and holding our breath at the sheer beauty of 'I was broken'.

The support didn't disappoint on each night either Jessica's Ghost killed it on the warm up for Bastille, man that woman can sing and check out the guy with the fiddle! And Emily and The Woods front girl Emily began a little heart melting of her own before Marcus took over, she was awesome!

And the two for one cocktails all night (on both nights!) didn't disappoint either.

Have you seen anyone awesome live lately?



  1. I love going to see people/bands live, it makes me view the songs in a whole different light! I've recently been to see Dry the River and Manchester Orchestra. Both were really really good. I'm also going to see Heather Peace on Monday and Jill Scott on Wednesday. I'm super excited about Jill Scott as i've seen her before i know she's going to kill it.

  2. I love live music too. We don't get out that often, though. But we did see my friend's band play in a cafe recently. Well, a band of just two guys. :) Great music and a cozy place. You can't beat it.

  3. Twad'dler thanks for commenting, just discovered Dry the River... love them!!!

    Live music makes you feel like you're part of something really special and unique, something that will never be recreated in the exact same way again.

    Amanda you're totally right great music and a cozy place = all kinds of awesomeness!