Saturday, 10 December 2011

In this Box of Snaps - 2

Once again I've found myself getting snap happy using the amazing instagram app on my iPhone 4...


P.S Comments (good or bad) are as always very very welcome x

Twilight on the Wirral
All set for Christmas eve
Tunnel vision
Having a ball
Reindeer Racing
Twinkly Town Hall
Father Christmas 'Russian' Dolls
Is it a face? Is it a broken heart? Or is it a shrivelled apple?
Home-grown apples delightfully dishevelled  
Looking for paradise?

So what d'ya think? 

Anyone using Instagram come find me - inthisboxofsnaps



  1. You have a great eye for a photo. These are superb. Do you do book launches?

  2. Thank you Martin! It's great to get such lovely comments. x P.S What do you mean by 'book launches'?

  3. Hi,

    I was joking (sort of), asking if you did photo-shoots for book launches. You certainly have an eye for a good photo.

  4. Lol thought so! I was just a little confused :s I'm honoured that you like my pics though :) x

  5. They are very good. Have you tried selling them on photobox or similar? A friend of mine does that (as well as weddings etc).

    If you want some ideas of how go about it, you can see what she does on her facebook page or her website