Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Royalty comes a knocking

I don't usually talk about work here, I have another blog at my company's website so I save all the crazy goings on for there. But what happened last week could not go unwritten here it's just too exciting!!!

So I should probably tell you about my work, I work in a museum in Liverpool and I love it! We get thousands of visitors through the museum daily, but just last week we had the most amazing visitors ever!!!

We had the absolute pleasure of the Queen and Prince Philip coming to officially open the museum!!!!

To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I don't know if you remember my royal wedding post?
I love anything to do with the royals I just can't help it! (I think secretly it's just because I like the idea of being a Princess!)

Whilst on my way to work (hair in a Kate Middleton-esque pony) I had butterflies, I was so nervous and excited to get to see them. Its not everyday that Royalty comes a knocking.

My head started to reel when I thought about what I actually had to do, what if the Queen spoke to me? What would I say? Do I curtsy? Do I greet her with a 'Good morning your Majesty?' or is it 'Mam' as in ham or 'Marm' as in palm? Do I bow my head? Is it ok to smile at her?

So many questions!!!

As it turns out the Queen came into the gallery where I was positioned, I held my breath in anticipation, she was guided around the gallery, my knees knocked together, and then she left.

I didn't get to curtsy, bow my head, greet or smile at the Queen, but I was within arms reach of her and it was absolutely amazing! Best day at work bar none.

We had a sweepstake between some of us as to what colour the Queen would be wearing. Nobody won the sweepstake, the Queen fooled us all and went for dark red, a colour that none of us had picked. I went for dark green and thought I was on to a winner... Ho hum!
For a less exclamation mark account of this tale visit -


  1. That's a brilliant smile on the queen there. I just fell in love with her. You should try and sell it - it's sooo good!

  2. Alas it wasn't me who took the pic, but I totally agree with you, it's a cracker! X

  3. Wow. Interesting day all round. I read about it on facebook as a friend of mines lives up that way (Liverpool).

  4. Sounds like it was a fun day, even if you didn't get to do your curtsey. I think Princess Michael of Kent came to my primary school once - that's the nearest I've been to royalty!

  5. Martin it was such a wonderful day! And Nick Princess Michael of Kent is pretty cool! x