Tuesday, 14 February 2012

In this box of snaps - 6

First of all let me start by saying,

Happy love day everybody!

Inside this box of snaps you will find a little smushy-ness, but hey it's the day of love so whatever! Also included are a couple of pics about reflection and the idea of life and death... sounds deep but it's not really so no need to prepare yourself or anything.

First up is a place I love - 

The view across the lake at the Llyn Gwynant campsite in the heart of Snowdonia. This area of Wales is just so stunning, the way the clouds dance gently on the peaks of the mountains is breathtaking.

Cloudy Waters.

Next up is Pixie one of the family cats. She's just perfect in every way and I love her very much, but her attempt at the 'puppy dog eyes look' still won't give her permission to sleep on my bed no matter how cute she is!
Pixie perfecting the 'puppy dog eyes' look.

A present from someone I love - I received a beautiful rose plant for Valentine's day today (not the typical bunch a red roses I hear you cry) because The Boy knows how much I hate it when flowers die, I get a little upset if I'm being honest. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this plant alive for a very long time. 

It feels lovely to be loved.

A little snippet of a short love story that I've been working on - if you need a handwriting translator feel free to ask and I'll type what it says. 

Love story in the making.

To round off the smushy-ness - Nothing says I love you better than chocolate!

I <3 Chocolate hearts.

This picture was taken in St James' Cemetery in Liverpool. Although I took the picture I can't take full credit for it, The Boy pointed out how 'cool' the roots looked from the tree and I agreed and snapped away.

Remember your roots.

The final picture in this collection is that of a couple of dead Chinese lanterns. The paper textured plant which was once a vibrant red has now died and leaves behind it's fruit.

There is life after death.

As always I hope you've enjoyed looking at my pictures and getting an idea of where and why I take them.


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  1. That mountain pic is super pretty ! I am obsessed with instagram! It's seriously the best!

  2. I love those roots. That could make the cover of a very creepy novel.

  3. Thank you Lindsay! I can't get enough of it either! So addictive! I'll have to follow you on there :)

    Ooo yes! They would make a really creepy book cover! St James' cemetery in Liverpool has lots of wonderful, spiritual if slightly creepy things to behold!