Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap into love

Ladies, today is day that you can 'officially' propose to the man of your dreams!

Lads, this is the day when you wish you'd bought a better pair of running shoes!!!

It's the 29th of February, which can only mean one thing - It's a Leap year!

I hope lots of lovely ladies are popping the question and hearts are fluttering all over the world! 

You may be wondering if I'd joined those lovely ladies and popped the question myself? The answer is no, The Boy and I celebrated our two year anniversary last weekend, there isn't a white dress in sight and we couldn't be happier. 

There's always 2016 or 2020 or 2024 or 2028...

Anyway as I was saying we couldn't be happier, but according to an article I read in the Metro today your happiness can actually change depending on where you live. 

Well we don't live in London or the West Midlands so that's a start, we're apparently less stressed and happier than people who do. The happiest people of all though are those that live in Northern Ireland according to the Office of National Statistics. 

The Boy is actually from Northern Ireland... hmm... maybe we should up sticks and move to his home town? I'd be quite happy to reside on the Emerald ailse.

Or maybe we could stop being conformists, I'll propose tomorrow and move to London next week!

Your thoughts as always are welcome :)





  1. Not being funny like but people in Northern Ireland are only happier cause they are drunk (not to reinforce any stereotypes or anything). I think people in London and the Midlands are unhappy because they all talk in stupid accent round there.

  2. My wife rang me this morning while I was writing and asked if I would marry her if we weren't married. I said yes, but I had no clue what she was talking about until she asked me what date it was, even then I was like "Errm, isn't it the 28th of February?" I'd forgotten about the whole leap year thing let alone the proposing! Mind you, it takes me a while to focus on something if I get interrupted while the muse is in flow...

  3. I moved out of London over twenty years ago after having been raised there. Best move I ever made.

  4. Oh Phil! I think you talk with a stoopid accent :p hee hee!

    Aww the sign of true love, that you'd say yes to a proposal from your wife any day of the year :) ps Kudos on the concentration whilst writing!

    Martin, I would love to live in London! What made you move? Obviously I'd keep myself super happy if I lived there, wouldn't want to become a statistic!