Monday, 12 March 2012

Preparing to bare my soul

Recently a friend and I joined a new writers group in Liverpool, after nearly two years away from our days as Creative Writing students we were desperate to get back in on the act.

I was expecting to be faced with the typical bohemian 'hipster' types, you know little mini bobble hats and rucksacks? I joke! In all seriousness what we were met with was lots of lovely like minded people, all just looking for an outlet for the words in their heads.

The group isn't really like how I imagined it to be, I guess I had a lot of preconceptions. I thought we'd all sit around doing writing exercises and drinking coffee, but this place is a little different. This group is really for those who write performance poetry and scripts, which is perfect for me and my friend - he's the poet guy and I'm the script gal. The group provides actors who read your work out for you, which is great because you can really hear what it 'sounds' like as opposed to what you think it sounds like when you're reading it in your head - or like me trying to act out the whole play in your bedroom!

I've had my work performed before - you may remember a post about 'Wildwood', but apart from one 'straight' scene the rest was in verse, which was nerve-wracking enough, so the thought of handing the actors scenes from a 'straight' play I've been working on leaves me feeling a little exposed... and scared!

Well I think I'm ready to expose myself, kill my babies, bare my soul... whatever you want to call it... I think I'm ready!

Wish me luck!



  1. Good luck with that. Most writer's groups don't cover scripts or poetry, so well done on finding one.

  2. Thank you Martin, unfortunately the group didn't come to much :/ an odd payment scheme followed by the leaders taking a months holiday didn't seem like the right option for me. Onwards and upwards!