Monday, 19 March 2012

In this box of snaps - 7


It's the return of the box of snaps, and seeing as we're fast approaching spring time I guess you could say that that's kind of the theme... kind of.

Starting with my misty Monday morning shot, which was taken at six am. Although it's misty and it looks kind of grim because it's a Monday morning, it is lighter which can only mean that mr spring is on his way.

Misty Monday

Next up is my daily fix, I'm currently spring cleaning my body of caffeine, I have to say I was pretty much addicted to tea and coffee! So I've ditched the brown stuff for green teas and herbal teas and I have to say I feel tons better for it! I'm loving trying out new flavours at the mo and this vanilla rooibos from Starbucks is definiately a new favourite.

My daily fix

A post about spring wouldn't be complete without spring flowers, these pretty little daffodils popped up in the garden last week begging to be photographed and I did just that.

I spy springtime

Spring is all about things bursting into life, so here's where the theme slips a bit. This picture was taken after the rose on my rose plant bit the dust. I decided to experiment with different ways to picture it, I found putting it underwater made it look really interesting like little shards of ice had formed on it.

Drowning roses

Another pic that has nothing to do with spring... The Boy's parents were over from Ireland and we went for a lovely meal and a spin on The Big Wheel in Liverpool city centre. I almost missed this photo opportunity of the wheel reflecting  beautifully on the water but when The Boy's Mum starting snapping I quickly followed suit.

Reflecting on a wonderful weekend

A picture taken whilst on The Big Wheel. I love this pic because Liverpool looks so alive here with all of the sparkly lights and hustle and bustle, you can even see the Wirral in the top left.

Liverpool - definitely not the shy and retiring type!

Finally a picture of the spring night sky complete with clear skies (but for a strip of cloud) and a distant star, it's still chilly here at night but it's definitely getting a little warmer.

Ice white clouds skating the night sky

Well that's it for this time I hope you've enjoyed this box of snaps and I'll keep snapping away and show you some more soon!



  1. Great pics as always. I've ordered an old school film camera which i'm looking forward to playing with!

  2. Hey Phil! How are you getting on with your camera? Any exciting pics? X