Wednesday, 12 January 2011

It was a very good year

Like a good bottle of wine and like Frank Sinatra sang 'It was a very good year'. I'm of course referring to 2010. A good year for accomplishing things it seems.

What better place to start than at the very beginning. In January I moved out of my Parents house and into student accommodation. Not sure what I accomplished there... the art of surviving with no sleep and plenty of alcohol? No seriously, apart from playing hard I worked very hard. It was the final push to get my degree, and I spent many a night in the 24hr computer room typing away furiously to meet my deadlines. In between all of this playing and working I managed somehow to fall in love. Sorry soppy icky bit over. And I turned 21! Made extra special by my awesome friends.

Then University came to an end, there where tears, hug and plenty of drunkenness. My short lived independence was over. I was back living with my parents, but to be quite honest I was happy about that part. I wasn't very good at looking after myself when I was away. I knew how to make a good vodka and coke, but rustling up something tasty and healthy for tea was definitely not my forte.

I graduated with a 2:1 in Drama and Creative writing. My big cap and gown day was very special. I was very proud of myself :)

God knows what I'll do with my degree. If I don't do anything with it at least I'll know at that time in my life I was very bloody creative!

The boy is always right, and on the 27th of August we moved into our new home. Yes it was scary and yes I didn't and still don't really know how to cook, but it was and is absolutely brilliant.

I always get jobs in September and it seems 2010 was no different. It wasn't my dream job but it was a job, and in today's society I'm certainly not in a position to turn my nose up at it. In the end I actually loved the job and cared about it. I worked 100% all the time, well 60% on 11hr days but I am only human.

Then Christmas came and I was very happy to be spending it with the first Noel :) Decorating our tree and home, filling it with the smell of spiced apple. Actually I had three Christmases, one before with the boy, one at Christmas with the family, and then another after with the boy again.

For New Years Eve we threw our first house party. Lots of giggles, lots of vodka, great friends and a little Journey. So I began 2011 screaming out the words 'Don't stop believing!'

Those are the words that (forgive me for being preachy) are what I'm drawing strength from now. It's 2011 and as I step from one job into another, another job that's not the dream one but it's not a nightmare either, I have to carry those words with me. 'Don't stop believing'. I might still not know exactly what I want to do with my life, but one day if I keep believing it will all click into place right?

2011 is the year that I 'find myself' :)

My two great loves are drama and writing, and in my own small way I am managing to do both. But wouldn't it be great if those aspects of my life where bigger, more full time?

So anyway, I was feeling awfully festive on the run up to Christmas. I couldn't get enough of Christmas songs, and I would have wrapped tinsel around the world if I could have. I only had four days off and my plan was to go home to my parents house and eat. That's all just eat. My aim was to put on a stone, yes a stone. I'd been working 11hr days on the run up to Christmas and occasionally food and rest had slipped my mind. So I got home and cracked open the Quality Street, I didn't put them down or leave the couch until I left. But to my disappointment I lost weight! Yes, I lost weight! So girls, you heard it here first eat, eat, eat Quality Street and the pounds will drop off!

New Years Resolution? Eat Quality Street.

Hope you've enjoyed reading about my year. Why don't you tell me about yours?




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  1. Laura, i actually love you!! your posts brighten my day and make me smile!! to see my best super friend so happy is all i need to be happy!! keep posting because i will always read!! 2011 is gonna be great, but not as great as you are!! keep at it love, and i cant wait for us to meet up again!! love you looooads, forever!! Kath :D x.x.x <3