Monday, 21 March 2011

Coxy The Superhero!!!

Following my previous blog post 'There's always an upside', I have found myself settling back into living at home with The Parents quite well, I love love love the weekends with The Boy, and my weekdays are spent catching up with the loveliest of friends.

It's not all rosy though, I still don't have a job. I hate being someone who 'Sponges off the government', I want to work, believe me, but I just don't seem to be having any luck at the moment. It seems graduates in Drama and Creative writing aren't on high demand :p

In order to make myself feel better and also to make someone else feel better (hopefully) I decided to do a good deed and give blood.

I've done it before so I don't really know why I get so nervous each time. I'm a serial shaker. Before I've even walked through the door and said my name my tummy is doing flips and my hands and legs are trembling like mad.

A little health test first to make sure I'm healthy enough to give blood and then I'm placed on a bed ready for the main event.

On the bed I find myself having a fight with my legs trying to stop them from shaking, then the nurse says 'Now you'll just feel a little scratch' and my stomach churns. I wouldn't mind if she said 'I'm just going to put the needle in now', but no, she says 'scratch'  thinking that that's a better way to describe the feeling, but it really makes me feel sick.

Lying there watching the blood flow from my arm I can't help but go all 'dramatic' and feel like the life is being drained from me. I panic and think I've been left there too long and no one has noticed and I'm going to die from a great loss of blood. In reality the machines have timers and the bags can't overflow so that would just never happen, but sometimes I just can't stop my imagination from running wild.

It's all over within fifteen minutes, and then it's biscuit and tea time. After a milky coffee and three ginger nut biscuits, I'm out of the door feeling very smug with myself.

It's not everyday you get to say you've saved a life, and so what if it makes me feel a little bit like a Superhero.

Do something amazing today - give blood and save a life.





  1. Don't fret mama! The fact that you are looking for ways not to 'sponge' on the government shows that you are far from a moocher! ;)

  2. I have never given blood. Ever.

    1. Coz its scary :(

    2. Coz in my country, Kenya, there are lotsa cases where the blood is sold to private hospitals instead of helping those in public hospitals :(

    I will however, do it on demand if need be...

    Did i mention that I found u thru 20sb?

    newest stalker/follower of your blog :)))

    Follow me too?


    PS: I'm the gold follower icon