Monday, 28 March 2011

Shaking my Rumba at Zumba!

Zumba - Join the party!

With a tag line like that who wouldn't be interested?

Well I was definitely interested but I couldn't help thinking, 'How can a workout be like a party?'

Muscles aching, struggling to breath, wobbly bits wobbling, in a room full of sweaty strangers was certainly not my idea of fun.

I decided to give it a shot anyway, I'd watched videos of Zumba classes on-line and I had to admit they did look pretty fun. Not that I had much choice as to whether I was going or not anyway, my Sister was intent on dragging me there by my hair if she had to.

We arrived at the gym and found ourselves queueing outside to get in. Wow the Zumba craze is really taking off over here.

Once inside we took our place as close to the back of the class as possible, I didn't want to block peoples view of the instructor with my massive arse.

The music started and I have to admit I was a little nervous at the start and held back a little, but then I thought, I'm paying a fiver for this I've gotta get my moneys worth. So I started shaking my booty like my life depending on it.

I absolutely loved the Latin inspired fitness party!

The atmosphere in the room was brilliant. Everyone was laughing at all the funny little dance moves, the body popping and boobie shaking, and as an added bonus we were all sweating and having a really good work out!

We started at the back of the class, but by the end of it we were near the front swinging our hips Shakira style.

At not one point in the class did I think 'Oh I hate it! Kill me now!!!' I was actually pretty gutted when it came to an end.

Did it feel like a party? Hell yeah!

And to think Zumba was created by mistake :)

Get to you nearest Zumba class! It is amazing!!!!





  1. i LOVE zumba! I used to go every single day but now I don't have access to the gym anymore :( and the videos are NOT the same.

  2. Same here--Zumba love!I go to an amazing instructor who is very inspiring and motivating. It's the best, most fun kind of work-out! I do work out separately at the gym, sadly attempt to perfect my Mountain Pose in Yoga and also take kickboxing (Muay-Thai).

    Thank you for posting! Happy Zumba :) x

  3. Just been again tonight, I love it!!!! x