Friday, 8 April 2011

The day I broke The Boy's nose

Just kidding!

The trip to Amsterdam went as planned, The Boy and I spent a lovely four days roaming around this wonderful (slightly wacky) city.

There's so much to write home about that I'm finding it really difficult to put it all into words.

I figured instead of boring the life out of you by telling you every single little detail about our trip, I'd just tell you about the highest of the highlights instead. How does that sound? I'll include some pics too!

Ok here goes:

What an utterly amazing place, deeply moving and extremely thought provoking. It was so interesting to see the place I'd come to know so well from reading Anne Frank's diary. I think this was definitely the highlight of the trip for me.

From Anne Frank to an old Dutch guy pulling a wheelie on his mobility scooter. Not sure what else to say about that really.

Drinking Heineken in Amsterdam is a must. It's brewed there, therefore you must drink it :) It's just like eating pasta in Italy.

Begijnhof - Accommodation for unmarried religious women. I loved this place, I thought it was so special, a beautiful serene paradise hidden away in the heart of Amsterdam. We visited twice because it was so lovely.

When in Rome...

The effects of a space cake... I look soooo happy :)

We found some rather interesting artefacts in the Sex Museum ;)

We decided to hire bikes, which was definitely a decision worth making. We took the free ferry over to the other side of Amsterdam and explored the countryside. It was wonderful.

We cycled 13kilometres to Zaanse Schans, where we saw traditional Dutch houses and windmills. This was such a lovely quaint little place, definitely worth the sore bums caused by the bike saddles!

The Red Light District was most definitely a highlight of the trip. I have to be honest we did go back every day, and every night for that matter, but I have to stress we were merely looking out of curiosity, we didn't buy. Anyway you're not allowed to take pictures of The Red Light District but I sneaked a few shots, quite a fetching blue ensemble the girl has on in the window don't you think?

Now time for a pop quiz!!! Can you name the dude in the red hat???

He came up to us and he said 'Yo where the red lights at?'

He's very famous!

Whoever guesses right wins a lolly pop!!! 

You know that's the best prize ever :)

Well I hope you've enjoyed my whistle stop tour of all things Amsterdam. I know it was brief and the pictures probably weren't the best, to be honest I could probably write a whole blog post about each individual thing done or seen in Amsterdam, but then I would most certainly bore the socks off you.





  1. You didn't bore me! The pics were nice, but... please, tell me you...puff puff passed in Amsterdam! :)

  2. Oh, and just FYI...your font color is great (and so is the background color) but both of them together form a rather harsh combo for the eyes when reading your blog.... =/ might want to consider a darker font color, just a suggestion. :)

  3. Thank you :)

    That's weird because I've been thinking about changing the colour of the text because it's hard to read. Will definitely be making improvements.


    Ps. Yes we puff puff passed in Amsterdam ;) No photos where taken of the act but we did end up in a sex museum taking some rather dodgy pictures, but alas they were too x rated to make it to the blog lol

  4. How fun! So who is the dude in the red cap?:)

  5. You have to guess :)

    He's a very famous singer and there is a colour in his name.

    Whoever guesses wins a lolly pop!


  6. Holly Wolly Keable10 April 2011 at 23:22

    Cee-Lo Green?


  7. Drum roll please............... You're absolutely right! We have a winner!!!!!!

    Yes it was none other than Mr Cee-Lo Green :)

    Congratulations Miss Holly Wolly Keable you've bagged yourself a lolly pop.

    Click onto my profile on the blog and you will find my email so you can send me your address.


  8. I would kill for that penis chair!!!...but I think a few of my homegirls in need might try to hump it o.O

  9. Ha Ha! It's cool isn't it? And surprisingly comfy :)

  10. I am so jealous. I would LOVE to visit Amsterdam some day.

    Your photos are gorgeous, by the way. And I like your other posts. Following!

  11. Aww thank you :)

    Amsterdam is Awesome!!!